My iPad – Post 3 – Presentation Engine

You may wonder where post 2 is. Funny story. The WordPress App on the iPad ate it. But trust me, that post is quite insightful and when I finally get it back to life, it will make for great reading.

Tonite I used my iPad for my first presentation. Working from Keynote, I used the adapter to run the projector.

Smooth. And, instead of “hiding behind” a laptop, I had this simple interface laying in my lap so I could tap an arrow and move forward or back.

My only beef was that to move back & forth between Keynote and playing video was a bit funky. That should change. And, links will help (I hope).

Now, is it “a lot better” at presenting – not really. But all the other features (size, ease, compactness) are so powerful, that if I can jettison the laptop and carry merely my iPad on travel, I’ll be thrilled.

Because it was great to walk the trade show today carrying only my iPad – like a small portfolio. And, that Portfolio contained copies of documents I needed to look at with clients, video samples to show prospects, and the finished strategic presentations I would need to give later in the day. And if I needed a break, my music for some chill time.

Business productivity at its best.

Copyright 2010. Doug Garnett

About Doug Garnett
Growing retail based businesses through television, DRTV, and all forms of video. Doug is a strategist, executive producer, director, author, & teacher.

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