Why Traditional Media Wins the Day…

There’s a superb blog post at DigitalTonto summarizing how traditional media company results are showing that traditional is anything but dead.

I couldn’t agree more. When there’s something new and fresh, the ad business runs after it – like lemings into the sea. And, then, all to often people start thinking that just because the lemings are running, the new media must be the most effective.

The classic case we’re given to prove this is when TV overtook radio. Hmmm. That was in the 1950’s wasn’t it? And since then? Um…

Yes, newspaper is heavily threatened by internet based services. But otherwise, after a lot of Sturm und Drang, things are settling back in where they were in the late 1990’s – except there’s some extra media options that are interesting, useful, and fun.

Just to focus on TV, as new devices come available with access to TV (e.g. smart phones), it clear now that they aren’t taking away from traditional TV viewing. Instead, they give people new opportunities to watch TV – they grow TV’s audience.

So TV’s much more than simply “not dead” – it’s more alive and vital than it’s ever been. And now DigitalTonto suggests this may be true for the rest of traditional media.

Copyright 2010 – Doug Garnett

About Doug Garnett
Growing retail based businesses through television, DRTV, and all forms of video. Doug is a strategist, executive producer, director, author, & teacher.

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