BK Succeeds! …At Proving Bad Advertising CAN Hurt Business.

By now, you probably know that Burger King is no longer the #2 fast food chain in the US. Wendy’s has jumped ahead and taken over the second spot.

In truth, many factors play into a change like this – it’s never one thing. An excellent article from the Atlantic discusses the major role product advantages played for Wendy’s (although they too quickly write off other BK problems). (Link Here.)

But among all these realities is a truth we should clearly learn: Advertising can hurt. Because for the past decade, BK advertising has at best wasted their money and at worst driven consumers away. Read more of this post

Goldman Sachs Resignation Letter Could Have Come From an Ad Agency

Recently, a Goldman Sachs executive departing the company authored a letter that was republished by the New York times. If you haven’t read it, it’s worth a serious read. (Link Here.)

What surprised me most, though, about the letter is that it covers issues that could just as easily come from an advertising agency. Read more of this post